How Solar Star Solar Attic Fans Work


Solar Star, the leader in solar powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, ventilation solution today. Best of all, Solar Star brings you the solutions that cost nothing to operate. Imagine the savings.

By placing the Solar Star unit where it is most effective at the highest point on the roof, it can properly circulate air and ventilate your attic space, transforming your home into a more comfortable living environment. Powered by Solar Star’s proprietary 16 watt or 35 watt solar panel, this breakthrough product has been designed to last season after season.

  • High Performance Direct Drive
  • Long Lasting Brushless Motor
  • Double-Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Whisper Quiet

  • Solar Panel
  • Advanced 16 or 35-watt P.V. Solar Panel
  • Flush Mounted Integrated Solar Panel
  • High-Impact Resistant Panel

  • Housing System
  • Powder Coated Steel Housing
  • Non-Corrosive Polymeric Vent Screen
  • Seamless One Piece Steel Flashing

  • Misc.
  • Installs in Just 45 Minutes
  • Installs On Any Roof Type
  • Costs Nothing to Operate
  • No Electrical Fire Hazard
  • Hurricane Zone Rated (HVHZ)
  • Lifetime Installation Warranty

    Suppress Heat Buildup

    A hot attic acts like a giant radiator, transferring heat into your living spaces, sending both utility bills and temperatures soaring. The Solar Star solar attic fan also helps reduce the cost of high AC bills and lowers the maintenance required on the AC unit itself. While costing nothing to operate the solar attic fans increase the lifespan of the AC unit, attic insulation, shingles, and any valuables stored in the attic.

    Solar Star Roof Mount Vents draws hot air and moisture out of the attic and discharges it to the exterior.

    Battle Moisture

    Many of today's houses have insufficient ventilation and air exchange, causing high humidity level from everyday activities. The moisture migrates through the ceiling towards the roof where it comes into contact with the cold structure. Here, frost forms, causing damage to your roof structure. Moisture can also saturate insulation, promote fungal decay and plywood delamination.

    • Reduces cooling & heating costs
    • Reduces damaging humidity & condensation
    • Protects insulation from moisture saturation
    • Fights mold and fungal decay

     Unit comes fully assembled and installs in less than 30 minutes. Whisper quiet motor. No costly electrical hook ups because it's powered by the built-in photovoltaic power source. Stainless steel mounting screws. Non-corrosive polymeric integral exhaust screen. Lightweight polymeric fan blade minimizes motor resistance and is no-corrosive. Leak-proof, seamless one-piece flashing. Solar Star Roof Mount Vent draws hot air and moisture out of the attic and discharges it to the exterior.

    Breaking Down The Solar Attic Fan Parts and Pieces


    Solar Panels

    • Advanced 16- or 35-watt photovoltaic solar panel provides maximum energy capture
    • Durable panel resists damage from hail, wind and foreign objects

    High-Performance Motor

    • Brushless DC motor produces increased efficiency and reliability
    • Progressive design reduces noise for whisper-quiet operation


    Venturi Design

    • Specialized body design maximizes air flow for greater capacity
    • Engineered to enhance lifetime of fan

    Fan Blades

    • Five-wing, polymeric blades are non-corrosive and minimize vibration for quiet operation
    • Lightweight design reduces motor resistance for increased performance and reliability

    Low Profile Roof Mounts

    • This sleek, unobtrusive design is for most pitched roof applications
    • Meets Florida Building Code (FL10884)
    • Meets High Velocity Hurricane Zone (FL14826)


    Posted by Chris Teel