Case Studies: Window Coatings in Action


Bank of America Headquarters Building

70% of the energy used in the United States is consumed in commercial properties and 40% of the energy used is to manage cooling costs resulting from infrared heat coming through windows. The facility management and engineering team at Bank of America needed to cut the heat coming through the windows in its high-rise data center building on 22,000 square feet of glass. Read more.

US Coast Guard

The fit-out of one vessel was completed in a day but the team was daunted with several challenges due to the uncertain scheduling and availability of the remaining vessels docking in port and the stringent inspection of the US Coast Guard engineers. The Hüper Optik® team was able to respond proactively to meet internal timelines. Read more.

Princeton University

Princeton University’s Building of Design and Construction, 200 Elm Street, which houses the green energy project team, and administrative group, wanted to explore a film application that would deliver green-friendly results, and energy savings that would not compromise the historical aspects of campus buildings that were over 100 years old. Read more.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines wanted to impact fuel efficiency with an environmentally friendly, energy saving film product: one that would increase the performance, enhance views throughout the vessel, and ensure the comfort of passengers who want to enjoy the open sea, salt water and the exotic ports of call, both domestic and international. Read more.

Tacoma Police Department

The Tacoma Police Department achieved LEED Certification several years ago, and is currently a LEED Silver property. The building’s modern design features an entire wall of glass, and several atria inside, and makes good use of daylighting throughout the building. Read more.

TRA Medical Imaging Administrative Offices

TRA Medical Imaging was looking for the perfect property to combine all of its administrative support employees, and wanted to remain in downtown Tacoma. The organization purchased two historic structures originally built in the early to late 1900s: both structures were former Ford Motor Company dealerships. TRA decided to invest the time and resources to apply for historic building status with the State of Washington. Read more.

Posted by Chris Teel